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Jobs That Don't Exist Anymore

Don't exist Due to technological advances in our world, there are many jobs that do not exist anymore. Some of these jobs have gone from very commonplace to completely nonexistent. Some of them, however, are still around in the form of hobbies.

A good number of jobs that had to do with communication have been made entirely obsolete because of advances in communication and transportation technologies. Switchboard and telegraph operator jobs used to be commonplace, now neither exist. Switchboard operators connected people to each other on the telephone and telegraph operators used to transmit messages by telegraph. There was a mail system in 1860-61 that was by far faster than anything they had before them at the time called The Pony Express. It's mail deliverers were referred to as Pony Express Riders.

Manufacturing is not what it used to be. There weren't machines to make everything like there are now, so people made everything by hand. This meant there were jobs like shoe making, candle making, and wagon making. There were also a lot of corresponding repair jobs, like wagon wheel repair men.

Lamplighter was the title of a person who would go around the city at night and light all of the lamps by hand. They usually held out a long pole with a wick on the end to light the street lights. Elevator operators used to be in every elevator. These people not only had to choose the floor the elevator was to go to, but they had to try and stop the elevator at a precise moment so that it was level with the floor. Before refrigeration became commonly used in the home, milk men and ice men had to bring milk and ice to people. Lectors used to get paid to read things like the newspaper and books to people working in cigar factories. Before bowling alleys had machines to reset their pins, there were people who did it called pinsetters. Other professions that do not exist anymore are cotton picking, newspaper print setting, typesetters, typists in typing pools, and copy boys.
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