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Jobs to Stay Away From

lowest With many people being hard pressed to find jobs where does one start? The first place is to decide what jobs to stay away from. These are all jobs in the service industry such as restaurant jobs, home health aides, and farm hands. Most of the people who are employed in these jobs have wages lower than $10 an hour. The jobs also offer very little room for growth and advancement.

The restaurant business has some of the lowest wages with dishwashers and food preparers making less than cashiers on average. Waitresses and waiters make even less and require tips to compensate the missing wage. Hosts and hostesses are on the lower end as well.

Another field still in the service industry is amusement parks, movie theaters, and ticket booth attendants. With economic struggles people pay less to vacation or take the family out. Less attendance at theme parks and tourist locations means less demand for workers to service those customers. These jobs take very little skill and are easily turned over.

Specialized machinery is taking place of farm workers in fields. Technology has advanced dramatically allowing farmers to conveniently afford agricultural equipment that does not require as much if any help from farm workers. This leaves many looking for work in other less skilled areas. This causes a flood of applicants into an already saturated job market leaving less and less openings.

Jobs working as home health aides are slowing. The demand for skilled nurses and technicians has become more in demand. Local pharmacies are becoming more common, making it easier for patients more care close to home. The job market in this area has been inundated with applicants for over a decade leaving very little left to find in the market.

The key information is that all of these jobs take little skill and experience. They also do not make over $10 an hour without taking years of promotions and raises to accomplish. The current trend is for skilled and trained workers, service workers are too easy to find.
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